Friday, March 18, 2005

Gotta start somewhere

Weeeeeeee! Here we go. This is my first post, so please be gentle...

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I have a knitting addiction. Yep, I like to knit. I love to knit. I knit everywhere. I knit in the car, I knit at home. I knit while reading my kids their bedtime stories, I knit on the phone. Sorry, I was just reading some Dr. Seuss. As part of my professional development, I thought I would brush up on a new technology. You may have thought SQL, or Sharepoint, but alas, no, dear readers - blogging it is. DH does not believe that blogging can be that interesting. The dear soul has never read a knitblog.

Do you have a Denise needle set? And if so, how do you use it? I am the proud owner of one of these, and I must say that it is used every day. Why, just a few moments ago, DD was using it to "siphon" fuel out of the kitchen trash can and into her "gas-powered" toy shopping cart. She stuck one end in the trash can and closed the lid, and wrapped the other end of the needle through a hole in the handle of her shopping cart. Fill 'er up, baby. Hey - for those of you who are thinking that this is a crime against knitting - it gave me 10 minutes of freedom to read knitblogs. Tee hee.

And with that, dear readers, I will let you get back to your regularly scheduled knitblog rolling. Thanks for stopping by!