Monday, May 21, 2007


Wow, that's an inspiring title, isn't it?

This weekend I went to the NWRSA group 2060 spinning meeting with friends Barb and Sam. I was inspired to finish up 6 oz of merino/tencel purchased at the Whidbey Island spin in. The problem is I forgot to bring the bobbin with the first 3 oz of spun fiber. So no plying for me.

Last night I was able to ply, and this morning I wound the yarn onto the niddy noddy. 225 wraps on the niddy noddy is about 375 yards. The yarn still needs a bath and then to hang to dry. I'm thinking about making a Gothic Lace Scarf with this.


Miss Knotty said...

Ooooh purty.

Kerry said...

I couldn't embiggen with my clicken. It's a beautiful color and I think the Gothic will be perfect for it!

Melanie said...

Lovely yarn. I agree with Kerry, it will make a gorgeous Gothic Leaf scarf.

Laurie said...

That will be beautiful! Nice work. :-)