Saturday, March 03, 2007

PJ Party

Village Yarn and Tea hosted a pajama party last night, the purpose of which was to knit wristbands to hand out in support of The 3 Day which is coming to Seattle in September. I believe this is my first charity knitting, or at least the first I have done in a long time. Let me tell you, it feels good.

Good friends Sam and Barb, always up for a party, came along and we knitted wrist bands in our pj's.

I know Barb has some pictures of me in my sheepie nightgown that I am sure she will post to her blog. Maybe she will even send me one!

Amy was there providing demos on how to make buttons from Sculpey clay. Going into the baking oven, my little flower had three dots. Coming out it had two. (insert pout here).

By the time I finished sewing the button onto the wristband, there was only one dot remaining.

Between the three of us, we finished five wristbands last night. Do you see Barb's moon and stars button?

The shops' goal is to collect 3000 wristbands by the end of August. I know that I have some Cascade Fixation in the stash, which I am now planning to donate to this worthy cause. We should make a blog button, Knit for the Cure!


That's my middle name said...

Hi Jen - glad you found my site! Last night was fun, I'm glad you all had a good time. Sorry about your dots!


Barb said...

Jen, I think your flower was dropping seeds for future buttons. It, and your wrist bands turned out lovely. Now to find me some sheepy PJ's! You'll see photos coming soon.

Sam said...

What a fun time this was - thanks to the lovely Village Yarn hosts, and thanks to my friends for making it so much fun. :-)

Jan said...

Pretty buttons, and for a good cause. The wrist bands look so soft and comfy.

Sheila E said...

Had to go to Barb's site to see you in your sheepy pj's but it was worth it. Looks like you all had a great time! Wish I could have been there too!
Isn't it a bummer when your dots fall off!! They are cute as can be...even without them.