Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Adventures in spinning

I've recently had the opportunity to rent a spinning wheel, and have made a bit of progress on some of the roving stash. First, pictures of my spindle-spun yarn:

The yarn was made using a drop-spindle, provided by my dear friend Sam, from her personal stash (what a buddy!) Some day, I too, will have a personal stash of drop spindles. I want to pay it forward and teach someone else to spin, the way Sam has devoted several hours of her time to teach me first to drop spindle, and then to wheel spin! You can see that my first efforts were very uneven, just what you would expect from a beginner. I've created about 75 yards of novelty thick-thin yarn, from which I plan to make my daughter a scarf.

Progress has been made over the past several months since my first foray into spinning, and this picture represents my current spinning level:

Here is a close up of the plyed yarn:

The colors are not at all true in these photos. We are having another gray, rainy day here in the PNWet. The final yarn is very bright: hot pink, light pink, soft peach, bright yellow, lime green. The colorway is Sherbert from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Roving, 100% targhee, was purchase at the Seattle Fiber Arts Expo, back in February.

I have about 250- 300 yards of relatively even, worsted weight wheel-spun yarn. What should I make? I am considering the flower basket scarf pattern. Do you think the yarn is too busy? Would I be better off just making a simple small triangular shawl? Do you have another suggestion? Leave your vote in the comments!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A day of sunshine

The sun is shining today, and with my new found knowledge of posting photos, I bring you the most recent FO:

The pattern is Caryl's Kerchief, available from foxyknits. I had heard comments that the kerchief is a little on the small side using one skein of koigu, so I opted for some other sock yarn I had in stash from Angora Valley in the Rainbow colourway. Actually, this is not true. I laid out on my bed all fingering weight yarn that I had in stash in large quantities, and my DS chose the Rainbow colourway. The kerchief will be an end of year gift for his teacher. I think it turned out rather beautiful, albeit bright. I have not blocked it yet, so I think it will only look nicer once blocked. It was a fun pattern and I can see at least one more of these in my future - for me!

Now to cast on for my next gift knitting assignment, a scarf for my SILs birthday coming up this summer.

Monthly post

Fellow blogger and knitfriend, Terri, innocently commented at last Thursday's sit 'n knit that I don't update my blog very often. A lengthy discussion about uploading photos, spyware, and security husbands ensued. I love this kind of discussion, for while I hardly ever follow someone else's advice, I did leave with a lot of new thoughts in my head and ideas to try out.

As a result of this discussion, I did finally figure out a different way to link to photos. Here's a picture of a project I completed in April. It is Gyrid, from Lavold's Designer Collection, in Silky Wool. I made a larger size around the hips, and decreased at the waist to the next smaller size. I loved knitting the pattern, but the finished item is too big. I have to wear a tank under my tank.

I think I will make another some day, but in a smaller size. Love it when that happens!

Now I am off to locate the camera, as I am suddenly inspired to take lots of knitting pictures in preparation for my June post!