Monday, June 26, 2006

Trekking at the Black Sheep Gathering

I took my Trekking socks along to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR. It's an almost 6 hour trek (by car) from the Seattle area. My Mom trekked in from Maryland to share the drive with me. But hey, she's not in the Trek-along.

I wanted to share some sheep breeds with fellow Trek-alonger's, but every time I pulled out the Trekking socks, a curious sheep would want to investigate.

At first, I didn't want any of the owners to think I was harming their sheep just for the blog, so I was very careful to keep the dpn far away from the inquisitive eyes.

Pretty soon I realized that I had nothing to worry about, as those sheep were pretty agressive and would have eaten those dpn's in no time flat.

I did have some time to sip a cup of coffee and relax under the awning.

If the sock fits...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thanks Secret Pal!

Dear SP8,

Thank you for the lovely card and the Happiness bookmark. Happiness *is* getting a surprise in the mail!


New Knitting Needles

Have you seen the latest from Knitpicks? They've created their own line of interchangeable knitting needles. It's too bad they are nickel plated. I am pretty sure that I have a nickel allergy. Whenever I knit with Addi Turbos, my earring holes become infected. I do love the naturas, though!

On the bright side, I know of another vendor who will be revealing some new knitting needles at Black Sheep. I think it is hush hush until then. Look for a report early next week!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More of the same

Remember this stuff? I've been working on it. Not much else going on here knitting/spinning wise. Move along.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sock Monster Hungry

One hungry, finished Pomatomus sock

Eats toe-up Trekking XXL 109 sock with much better toe.

Maybe we should feed it the wonky toe?

Monday, June 05, 2006


I'm sure there will be lots of graduation pictures popping up around blogland. Here's my contribution to the insanity:

Auntie Princess Leah, do you recognize the shoes?


Now that the school year is wrapping up, it seems like everyone is pushed into high gear to show what they have accomplished. One thing my son has accomplished this year, that I am so proud of, is to become a cub scout. My son has never been a joiner, and tbh, I wasn't sure if he would stick with this one. But he did, and Sunday was the awards ceremony. And he did earn his Wolf badge. Congratulations!

treasure hunt

first time around a campfire

introduction to a s'more

sitting around the campfire, singing songs, and eating hotdogs

TGI Friday

It was a long week, and I was so happy to come home from work on Friday, dial up some dinner, and supervise the children while doing this:

What a great start to the weekend!

Friday, June 02, 2006

On toe up socks

I joined Norma and Margene's

knowing full well that I had some Trekking XXL in stash to use. The whole premise is to get out and explore nature this summer, and to share nature hikes with other sock knitters. I am planning to explore several local trails this summer, if it ever stops raining.

In preparation for the KAL (and the end to the rain), and being in desperate need of a mindless knit, I cast on for a toe-up sock last night. This is Trekking XXL color 109. The dpn's are size 0. I am using the Queen Kahuna 'Aloha' method that HollyO introduced me to.

Here is what the toe looked like after a few rows(clickety click to embiggen):

Does that look weird to anyone else? I even checked the inside of the sock to see if I had it reversed:

Nope, doesn't look like that was the issue.

Any suggestions?

And for those dog lovers out there, Mocha never seems to get the limelight anymore (probably because she never sits still):