Monday, March 19, 2007

Seeing Green

I hope everyone had a very happy St. Patrick's Day. March 17th will always hold a special place in my heart, because it is my best friend's birthday. Not only is it her birthday, but her favorite color is green. Last May, at Maryland Sheep and Wool, I found the perfect green yarn for her. It's true, I have lots of other greens in stash, but this one was the perfect compromise of a wonderfully soft yarn that I would enjoy knitting, and the perfect shades of green.
My best friend's clapotis scarf hanging in the (will she ever clean that?) window:

This picture is a truer representation of the colors. They are not as gray as the first photo appears.

I have about a half a skein left, perhaps she will have some fingerless mitts in her future. Who knows?!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Mom, I'm not just a little brother, I'm a SUPER HERO!"

The little guy found M's knitting!

Monday, March 05, 2007

What I knit in February

Catching up on some FOs that you missed during February's Radio Silence.

The "I Told You So" Socks

Toe up stockinette socks in the Pink Granite colorway STR from Blue Moon, medium weight.

Pomatomus Socks

Second sock completed in time for the Stitches West big reveal (sorry Cookie).

Thanks to Sam who made me buy the Pink Granite, Barb for challenging me to show Cookie the P-socks, and Maggie for taking time out of bike riding to model the socks.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

PJ Party

Village Yarn and Tea hosted a pajama party last night, the purpose of which was to knit wristbands to hand out in support of The 3 Day which is coming to Seattle in September. I believe this is my first charity knitting, or at least the first I have done in a long time. Let me tell you, it feels good.

Good friends Sam and Barb, always up for a party, came along and we knitted wrist bands in our pj's.

I know Barb has some pictures of me in my sheepie nightgown that I am sure she will post to her blog. Maybe she will even send me one!

Amy was there providing demos on how to make buttons from Sculpey clay. Going into the baking oven, my little flower had three dots. Coming out it had two. (insert pout here).

By the time I finished sewing the button onto the wristband, there was only one dot remaining.

Between the three of us, we finished five wristbands last night. Do you see Barb's moon and stars button?

The shops' goal is to collect 3000 wristbands by the end of August. I know that I have some Cascade Fixation in the stash, which I am now planning to donate to this worthy cause. We should make a blog button, Knit for the Cure!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Clapping Again, or a Taste of Humility

I knit a gorgeous green Clapotis for my best friend's birthday, which is coming up on St. Patrick's Day. Lucky me, her favorite color is green! I finished the knitting several weeks ago. Yesterday, national handwash your handknit socks day, I decided to throw the Clap into the already prepared Eucalan bath. But first, I still needed to drop down those endless rows of dropped stitches. Those of you who have knit this wonderful scarf know what I mean. Endless hours of laddering down, all for the sake of getting a crick in your neck. I even enlisted the two wee ones for assistance, but they lasted about 5 minutes, or half a row, each. Do you know where this is going? I found two, that's right, TWO sections where I had neglected to drop the ladder stitch. I was trying to make a design element out of it, but I knew in my heart that something drastic needed to be done. I consulted the FT wizards, but evidently piles and piles of snow, publishing books, and humongous yarn markets have driven them all crazy. Yep, I finally found a problem that the FT ladies couldn't resolve (not an award I was hoping to receive). And so I ripped. And ripped. And ripped. 2/3rds of the scarf was ripped.

The silver lining (yes, there is one) is that I get to reknit this wonderful scarf using the smoothest of yarns (Four Play by Brooks Farm) and the most amazing Ernst needles in the color Amber Passion. So the reality is that although the scarf may become a belated birthday present, there is no pain in reknitting. Steph, you are so TOTALLY worth it!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sockret Pal Reveal

My sockret pal surprised me with another package today. The swap ends in March, so this is her reveal package. Look at all the fun goodies she sent:

There's a bar of soap called wild rose that is freshening up my office, the almost argyles sock pattern from knitpicks, a box of Trader Joe's chocolate tea (perfect on this wintry day), an adorable sheep craft, and an emergency sock knitting kit.
Inside that emergency knitting kit is this:

That's a skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in a pretty turquoise solid, a set of dpns, and 4 cute sheep stitch markers! I love the sheep stitch markers!
My Sockret Pal is Jennifer at CraftyLilly. Thank you, Sockret Pal. You have been an extremely generous spoiler!

Snow Days

Now there is a title that has been used more than once this winter. Who sent this last batch of snow, anyway? Didn't they get the message from the groundhog? Spring is on it's way!

I am one of the fortunate few who can work from home, and schools are closed, so I do not need to go out. I just need to sit at my computer and do my work, sipping on a steamy mug of chai tea from my favorite LYS.

Yes, Mom, you can expect a "surprise" when we come in April!