Monday, March 05, 2007

What I knit in February

Catching up on some FOs that you missed during February's Radio Silence.

The "I Told You So" Socks

Toe up stockinette socks in the Pink Granite colorway STR from Blue Moon, medium weight.

Pomatomus Socks

Second sock completed in time for the Stitches West big reveal (sorry Cookie).

Thanks to Sam who made me buy the Pink Granite, Barb for challenging me to show Cookie the P-socks, and Maggie for taking time out of bike riding to model the socks.


Joanne said...

Beautiful Maggie. Beautiful socks. :)

LisaK said...

Love the sock model. Socks are pretty cool too.

Emma said...

Love the socks. Both pairs look great!

Sheila E said...

I guess that February was a grand sock month!! Hopefully we won't have to wear them into the summer..know what I mean?
Your socks are quite beautiful...and that sweet Maggie is even beyond that.
I am glad that you told us the story about how you named each of them...ok..well, Teddy named Maggie...but's such a perfect name for her!!

kerry said...

Maggie did a wonderful job! And so did you!

Barb said...

Those socks are really cute! I think your model is pretty cute too. You took up that Pomatomus 2nd sock challenge and Ka-Bam! they were done. You were stylin' at Stitches West. I know now not to challenge the great one (grin)

vanessa said...

oh, and the socks are cute too ;-)

Melanie said...

Lovely socks for toasty tootsies, and the cutest little sock holder-upper there ever was!

Angela said...

Who needs to model socks on feet?

Give Miss M a hug and a kiss for me.

I like the socks as well, but I'd pick Maggie any day :)

I hope work has calmed down a bit.