Monday, November 21, 2005

Spinning, spinning, spinning

My head is spinning with all I need to do to prepare for the holidays. As DH has business trips coming up to both locations where we would typically ship packages, I have decided that he should take the presents with. Which means that I have got to get my act together QUICKLY! Now, where did I hide all that stuff we brought back from NZ/Oz?

Friday night, while those of you IN THE KNOW were watching HP, or having fun at the WW spin-in, my friend Sam came over to entertain me and the kids. I was able to finish spinning 2oz of a merino/angora/silk blend that I had purchased at OFFF. It spun like a dream, but 2 oz is not much, so I plyed it with some of the light brown NZ merino from my vacation, and this is the result:

I kept telling my self to slow down as I was plying, so as not to create the overstressed mess of kinky-doubled-back-on-itself-blob I have done in the past. This stuff came out perfect, not even a half twist in the hanging hank. I am thrilled! This one may become a hat for DD.


kimber said...

That's a swanky looking hank o'yarn there, Jen!! Sorry I missed the spin-in. My family put an imperius curse on me. I was forced to go to the theater. I swear.

You should be mighty proud of that yarn!!!!!!!

marti said...

seems like just yesterday you were learning the drop spindle. wait a minute, i am sure it was! very nice results.

Angela said...


Kerry said...

That's going to be a dreamy hat! Good job on the yarn!

vanessa said...