Friday, July 14, 2006

New friends, great fiber

I was finally able to attend the Village monthly spin in last night. I got to see two new friends again, whom I first met at Black Sheep, Becky and Peggy. They are the greatest wheel pushers in town! Becky is in black on the left and Peggy behind. Readers of this blog will of course recognize my good friend Barb who is finally blogging and her SIL Tina. Barb brought a still damp hank of Sky Drama that she finished spinning and it is to die for - go take a looksee and tell her how Fab-O it is. I'll wait.

Beautiful, isn't it? And did you see those cute pictures of Missy? What a doll.

The coolest thing about guilds and spin ins is that you never know who you will meet. You could be sitting in the same room with a well known designer and not even know it until a little birdie whispers in your ear. You better believe that I got off my tahootie and introduced myself!

if you haven't figured it out yet, clickety click to embiggen

Evelyn was winding some buffalo that she had been spindle spinning. This is the first time I had ever felt buffalo, and boy, is it soft! Pat, to the right in yellow, was spinning a yummy alpaca/mohair that her husband drum carded for her! I am so amazed by how well these spinning women have their mates trained .

I also had the pleasure of meeting LindaK, who I recognized from somewhere, and it turns out that I had been reading about her adventures to India! Hi LindaK!
Linda brought her electric drum carder for us to use, and Kim was nice enough to bring lots of fiber for us to play with.
First, Linda demo'd how to use the carder:

I still need to photo some of the batts that Linda taught me how to card. I'll probably be spindle spinning them (if I can locate those spindles, that is!)

Being the bad blogger that I am, I neglected to get photos of Kim, Marti, Holly, and Denise, wonderful virtual friends from FiberTraditions who repeatedly show up in unpredicatable places at all fiber related events to remind me that they are true flesh and blood friends.

And finally, I leave you with a photo of a piece of mail that I received from another virtual real friend, Kerry.

Is that the Spinning Vortex I hear winding up?

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vanessa said...

ok, like i'm not already jealous enough of you in the pnw, you have to add evelyn clark, and the 2 roberts wheel pushers. color me green!