Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where did April go?

Wow, where did April go? And March for that matter. It has been a busy spring here, and I have lots of photos to share, all safely stored on my digital camera. Someday I will download them and share - promise.

Did you see that the sneak preview is up for the Summer Interweave Knits? My favorite item is the syncopated caps. I am sure some of the sweaters will catch my eye once the mag hits the newsstands, but for now, I am planning on some new hats. Based on my experience over Spring Break in Maryland, my east coast relatives could use a few more hats. We were all fighting over the hand knits as the easterly winds blew. I heard it was 70 and sunny back in the PNW. Wouldn't you know.

I'm heading back east for THE sheep and wool festival just in time for Jesper's birthday. Serendipity.



Jeanne said...

There you are, Sock-ret pal! I was beginning to wonder! I'm jealous that you are going to MSW

Joanne said...

Glad you've resurfaced! I was wondering if you'd given up the blog... maybe I'll get to see you MDS&W! I'm still in limbo, but hopefully all will become clear soon. I found the IK preview too little for my liking. I like the clickety click feature..

vanessa said...

good to see you pop in!
have fun at ms$w :-)

Kerry said...

Those hats were my favorites, too.