Thursday, September 06, 2007

Old Friends are True Friends

While in Sweden, we were able to meet up with our very first au pair and her family for a lovely dinner in a traditional Swedish neighborhood. Their house and all their neighbors back into a triangular shaped lot that is open to the community and houses a playground. I really love this design, as it keeps all of the kids away from the street, and it makes it impossible for strangers to see the kids because you have to pass through a home to get to this shared park area. Lovely. The kids really enjoyed playing on the swings and in the sandbox. As the evening drew near and it started to get chilly, we moved inside to visit. Here you can see Linnea didn't miss a beat in getting down on the floor to play Playmobil with Alex. Linnea, you are such a sweetheart, thanks to you and your family for welcoming us into your home for the evening. It's so nice to renew old friendships.


jackie_knits said...

WOW! It's great to see Linnea aka 'Super Nanny'! - Did the kids recognize her as a blonde? Did she recognize the little people they've grown into? Wish I could have been there too! Thanks for sharing!

Sheila E said...

How lucky you all were to be able to spend that time together. She looks like just the kind of person that you would want to look after your children.
I also love how they set up the "protected" area for the kids....why aren't we that smart...I wonder!