Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Monthly post

Fellow blogger and knitfriend, Terri, innocently commented at last Thursday's sit 'n knit that I don't update my blog very often. A lengthy discussion about uploading photos, spyware, and security husbands ensued. I love this kind of discussion, for while I hardly ever follow someone else's advice, I did leave with a lot of new thoughts in my head and ideas to try out.

As a result of this discussion, I did finally figure out a different way to link to photos. Here's a picture of a project I completed in April. It is Gyrid, from Lavold's Designer Collection, in Silky Wool. I made a larger size around the hips, and decreased at the waist to the next smaller size. I loved knitting the pattern, but the finished item is too big. I have to wear a tank under my tank.

I think I will make another some day, but in a smaller size. Love it when that happens!

Now I am off to locate the camera, as I am suddenly inspired to take lots of knitting pictures in preparation for my June post!

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