Monday, November 20, 2006

Spinning from Stash

I've been working away at the spinning stash, trying to spin up some of the great hand-dyed fibers I have picked up this year at various festivals. The current project - 8 oz Biffle (that's Blue Faced Leicester to the uninitiated). This fiber is hand-dyed by Angela at A Swell Yarn Shop. You may recognize it as a purchase from OFFF. It's the blue and brown one draped around Alex' neck.

I wanted to make a two-ply yarn, and try to keep the color patterns even so they would make sections of solid colored yarn when plying instead of the funky barberpole. I started out by splitting the roving lengthwise in two. I weighed the two sections, and was 10g off. There goes the plan ;-) How much is 10g anyway? Enough to make a difference.

Do you see that small ball of fiber on top of the wheel? That's how much was left over after plying from the two bobbins. I wound it into a center pull ball and plyed it back on itself.

Lovely yarn on a niddy noddy:

300 yards (230 + 70)

That 10g did make a difference!
Destiny = scarf.


Melanie said...

Oooh, lovely job. BFL is so soft and drapey - it's going to make a beautiful scarf.

Angela said...

I can't wait to see that in scarf form!

Opal said...

Gorgeous Biffle. Is that a Majacraft I see? I'm going to be getting one in the near future!

Sheila E said...

BEEutiful Jen. I can't wait to see what it turns into either. Is it going to be for you? Or is Mrs. Santa in the process of getting the stash together? We know that Maggie is set.

Anonymous said...

Jen, the biffle really did come out beautifully. It's not only pretty on the niddy - the scarf is looking great. :-) Lovely work! -Sam