Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MSW - the recovery

You may have noticed that I did not post about MSW - Day 3 (Sunday). As it turns out, I left my camera back in WA and was using Mom and Sheila's cameras. Since they need their own blog fodder, I decided to wait until I got home to post about day 3.

Day 3 started off a little quieter. Everyone knew their setup jobs, so we did not need to arrive as early as Saturday. When we got there, the barn doors were locked, so we would not have been able to set up early anyway. Once the doors opened, we quickly set up and started showing the product. I expected the crowd to be small, but it was amazingly steady and busy all day. So busy that I did not recognize some friends that stopped by. This makes me sad to find out after the fact.

I did break away from the "work" a few times during the day on Sunday. Mostly I was too tired to focus on additional shopping. I walked through all the barns a second time, but the only addition to my stash was a pound of alpaca/wool from the Barefoot Spinner.

Now, what you have all been waiting for, on to the goodies:

A wood hat/vase/thingamajig that Sheila gifted to me. So silly! Progress on the Shetland Traingle shawl, mostly knit on the flights home, and a new set of glass knitting needles in Brilliant Blue, size 7. Also notice the glass stitch markers, purchased from Sheila, but made by my good friend Barb.

A close up of the shawl, along with another set of glass knitting needles in the Spring Luster colorway, size 6. These are the most perfect lace knitting needles. The joins are just about perfect, the yarn slips right over the join and up onto the needles, making these the best needles for lace knitting.

The big picture. The roving in front, from left to right: 1 pound Blueberry wool/mohair blend from Persimmon Tree Farm, purchased by Mom with the promise that I will spin it for her to knit with. Half pound Lichen from Tintagel Farm, wool/mohair blend. One pound yellow/red alpaca/merino blend from The Barefoot Spinner. Moving up the table, the pink bag is from the souvenir stand - it is backpack style. Not shown is a pink hooded cardigan with the MSW logo for me, 3 kids sweatshirts, and a series of gifts for friends that I cannot disclose just yet.

Close up of two skeins of wool/mohair yarn (dark blue and brown) from Persimmon Tree Farm - destined to be a scarf and hat. Two skeins of wool/mohair blend from Tintagel Farm, destined to be another scarf. And a close up of the wood thing!

Gorgeous glass buttons from the Ernst duo. The set of smaller buttons is made from a glass called unobtainium. I know this, because the same buttons were unobtainable at Stitches West - they all sold out!

I had a lovely, quiet day on Monday, sitting around my childhood home, catching up with Mom, Sheila and Michael. I left for the airport around 4pm and arrived home in Seattle at 11:30pm (which is actually 2:30am). Back to work the next morning, early to bed that evening. My body is almost back on schedule now.

Tuesday morning I had to be at my best right away as there were tea parties to attend! The kids put on a little show and serve tea to their mother's every year at preschool. Here are my two little chickadees.

You can see that DD dressed up right away in her W&S finery complete with lamb ears. What a good girl she is!


Melanie said...

Nice stash enhancement! I love those little sheepy ears. The little one is just beaming in her new duds. Thanks for sharing the trip.

jackie_knits said...

My beautiful daughter deserves the best Mother's Day ever with two of the cutest grands(where's Grand #!?)Smooches to all!

Romi said...

All gorgoeus. *sigh* :)

Sam said...

Oh, deep envy. It sounds like it was a wonderful weekend for you. I can't wait to see your goodies in person!

Anonymous said...

Oh my you did good! I bet you were happy to home to those cuties though!!!


Karen said...

Love the funny sheep ears! Sorry we didn't get the chance to chat. I didn't even see you until just as we left the booth, and then afterwards I said to myself "I wonder if that was Jen?". And of course it was. Next year for sure!

kimber said...

What a fun time!!! That wood thing is actually pretty cool. You could knit and felt some flowers for it!

Laurie said...

For someone that didn't have time to did a good job!

I still can't believe that you were there, I was probably in your booth, and I didn't know it was you! :-(

Will you be going to Rhinebeck?

kerry said...

Pea green. That's all I can say. Pea green.

Joanne said...

I hope you catch up on rest soon--and feel relaxed enough to really enjoy all that fiber you just showed off! It's gorgeous! (the kids too, of course.)

vanessa said...

you still have the cutest kids on the net :-)