Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dye Day

Sam, Kim and I have been planning a dye day for some time now. There was a brief spot of limited precipitation, so although it was about 40* out, we dyed.

Sam had some shetland that she has been itching to color. In it goes, into a warm brown dye bath from Judith McJenzie McCuin's Miracle Dyes.

And here it is coming out of the pot.

It was then layered with a beautiful mahogony cushings dye. Click the picture to see the final product.

Sam's contemplating knitting Harriet from One Fine Fleece after seeing how gorgeous Kim's Harriet was progressing.

Kim has a gazillion pounds of alpaca locks. I didn't get photos of each of her marvelous creations, but doesn't this one just make you want to say, "MINE"?!!

I skeined and dyed a bunch of pale pink commercial yarn into more vivid colors using Cushings dyes. Not sure what they will become yet.


Melanie said...

Oooh, I love that rich brown, and the alpaca locks are tantalizing.

Kerry said...

I kinda liked that yellowy-gold, but definitely like the brown better! It'll be a beautiful Harriet!

And the alpaca made my mouth water!

Kristine said...

Pretty pretty!

What is that that's being used to pull the yarn out of the water? I have to admit, that's my biggest concern about dye-bath dying, and why I keep just spot-dying.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm only about three weeks behind, eh? ;-) You got such good photos, Jen! I hope Kim got more photos of all of that gorgeousness of hers.

And Kristine, I just use the canning rack that comes with the hot water bath canner. I leave it in the bottom of the dye bath, and voila! handles to dip the yarn/fleece and to remove it from the pot. It's always worked pretty well for me. - Sam

ChickenChum said...

Okay those colors made me drool !