Monday, June 16, 2008

Girl Scout Bridging, a medal worthy event

June has been a busy month both at work and at home with the kids. DD bridged into brownies at a bridging ceremony. I was so proud of her speaking up so everyone could hear her name before she walked across the bridge.

The guest speaker at the event is a life long Girl Scout, local athlete, and Olympian! Lynn Colella spoke about her Olympic experience, what it was like to compete in a male dominated sport, and how growing up in the 70's was different than today. The best message she shared was one of independence, determination, and perserverance. She really demonstrated that if you want something enough, you can do anything.

Lynn was also gracious enough to pass around her medal. Her Olympic medal. Her silver Olympic medal. The one she won in 1972 in Munich. I have never seen an Olympic medal in real life, let alone held it. It was inspiring in and of itself.

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