Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Festival Continues

The Finishing Festival continues. May I present - the Decade Aran:

note from editor: The self-in-mirror images turned out so hideous, that you should not even consider forcing your few readers to waste valuable bandwidth downloading them.

Really interested readers can view the bad photos here and here. I'll try to get DH or D7yo to take better photos tonight. I still need to weave in the ends and block, but (if you dare to click) you will notice that I did sew on the gorgeous glass buttons from my friend Sheila, knitted the buttonhole band (twice), and even reknitted that huge wonking band on the right sleeve (Do you see it just hanging there? 12 - count em - 12 - stitches too many.) Here is a presentable close up of the buttons:

My Valentine package from SP7 arrived! She knows I am totally into knitting buying sock yarn, so she sent me some really cool Lang Jawoll in valentine colors. I've heard of this yarn, but do not have any in stash. (I know, the shock!) She also sent some yummy chocolates and mints which I have been sharing with my officemates all day. Thank you SP! You rock!

asked in her comment yesterday for me to elaborate on the purl ridges on my koigu raglan. These are a one stitch purl aligned every 10th st for 19 rows, then every 5th st for 19 rows, to make this attractive detail. This feature was inspired by Karen Alfke's top-down raglan on display in Churchmouse(oh so many years ago).


vanessa said...

girl, you are on a fo roll! thanks for the purl detail :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!
I'm glad the package FINALLY arrived!!

I'm currently working a sweater with a similar purl row as your koigu (a fun little hint for you....) ;-)

kimber said...

Neat SP gift! Never heard of that sock yarn though. Is there anything particularly interesting about it?

Angela said...

The purl detail looks wonderful, and that Decade Aran looks cozy and comfy.