Thursday, February 23, 2006

UFO sightings

There have been a lot of UnFinished Objects sightings the past few days. I thought it was time to update the nightstand knitting list.

From December...
1) Angela's regia socks - DONE (I guess I never blogged about these)
2) Manos cable sweater - UFO-I didn't follow the 'knit from 2 balls' mantra with this handpainted yarn, and unfortunately, it shows. I need to RIP the back and reknit.
3) The Decade Aran - DONE
4) Koigu t-shirt - DONE
5) Gansey from Handknit Holidays - WIP (for youngest son who did not get a handknit for Christmas)
6) ChildHood - UFO - it's too small for my DD by now. Maybe I will just RIP this down to the armholes and add some length to it. But for now, I think I am all cotton-ed out.
7) Stained Glass Scarf from HandKnit Holidays - RIP'd
8) Short Row Rib - UFO - finish this thing! It is beautiful! (updated - I think it needs RIP'd and reknit on a smaller needle)
9) Shadow Knitting Square - current WIP (I should have remembered this before starting #5, except that it was so buried on the nightstand that I couldn't see it!)

Fear not, as the nightstand area is freed from unused patterns and leftover yarn, soft and fluffy things are moving in - look for a spinning frenzy when the weather starts to warm!

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