Sunday, January 15, 2006

In honor of, the year of the sock

In honor of this special year, I decided to spin some sock yarn. This is challenging in several ways, as it needs to be spun relatively even, relatively thin, and well, relatively sturdy. I purchased this roving at St. Distaff's:

It's 8oz. of hand-dyed Corriedale cross in a colorway that reminds me of strawberry fields: lovely chocolate brown, just-ripe strawberry red, and leafy green. With some guidance from my friend Barb on where to set my tension to get a really thin thread, I spun up about 2 oz. worth. I wanted to make sure that I could navajo ply without the thin thread breaking, otherwise I would switch to plan B while I still had enough roving.

The navajo ply is a 3-ply that allows you to keep the color sequence, and avoid the barberpole effect. It worked better than I imagined, and I came up with 91 yards of fingering weight yarn.

I am absolutely thrilled with this and will keep spinning away.


Barb said...

Yeah Jen! Your yarn looks wonderful. I can hardly wait to see it knit up! You are a natural spinner.

Anonymous said...

Jen - that is drop dead gorgeous! I am so jealous of your spinning talents. - Jen in CT

Melanie said...

Wowza, that is fine looking sock yarn! You are becoming such an accomplished spinner.

ann said...

very nice work. I don't know how to spin but I can tell you did a good job with that ball.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm really impressed! I can't wait to see it in person!

Love Ya