Friday, June 02, 2006

On toe up socks

I joined Norma and Margene's

knowing full well that I had some Trekking XXL in stash to use. The whole premise is to get out and explore nature this summer, and to share nature hikes with other sock knitters. I am planning to explore several local trails this summer, if it ever stops raining.

In preparation for the KAL (and the end to the rain), and being in desperate need of a mindless knit, I cast on for a toe-up sock last night. This is Trekking XXL color 109. The dpn's are size 0. I am using the Queen Kahuna 'Aloha' method that HollyO introduced me to.

Here is what the toe looked like after a few rows(clickety click to embiggen):

Does that look weird to anyone else? I even checked the inside of the sock to see if I had it reversed:

Nope, doesn't look like that was the issue.

Any suggestions?

And for those dog lovers out there, Mocha never seems to get the limelight anymore (probably because she never sits still):

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Jen said...

I like it when people use the word "embiggen." I find it to be a perfectly cromulent word...

I have no idea what's going on with your toe up socks. I'm new at sock knitting and holding on by the skin of my teeth on the 3rd sock ever, going top down. I hope someone more knowledgeable than I pops in and can help you out!