Monday, September 25, 2006

OFFF and the world's best husband

I had only casually mentioned to DH that OFFF was this weekend, and how nice it would be to go. And then I went away on a business trip. He was a single parent for a week, which included parent/teacher curriculum night and a Cub Scout meeting. Never in my wildest dreams did I actually think he would remember let alone agree to driving down to Oregon this weekend.

Proof that we were there:

Thanks, Barb, for the photo. They actually all look like they were having a good time! I have more photos to share, but they are on the computer at home.

I left the socializing to DH and the kids while I shopped. DM (Dear Mom) has a birthday in a few days and I needed something special to send her way! The Blue Moon booth was my first stop. It was crowded as usual. I stocked up on some socks that rock as well as made my first purchase of Bambu. They had a beautiful tank top modeled so I bought the pattern and the yarn. It is so super soft and drapey, I hope to have it knit up before next summer!

Then on to Sheila's booth for an orifice hook to go with my new Betty Roberts spinning wheel. Mine is similar to the #4 on the page. It's so yummy and gorgeous!

I'll have to fill you in on photos later, but suffice it to say that I stocked up on size 1 US dpn to knit all of the sock yarn that I purchased :-) I only got a little bit of fiber this year. Not like everyone else I know who bought the fleece right off the sheep or heck, just brought the fiber source home!

Thanks, hubby, for the company and being the best driver ever. And thanks to the kids who were for the most part well-behaved despite the fact that their Dad made them eat lamb for lunch and there was no cotton candy - anywhere.


ChickenChum said...

So glad to see you there!!!
It was a blast and Your DH is a great guy to come with you too!!

Sheila E said...

Ahhhh!! That is the CUTEST picture EVER!! How much fun did we all have??? TONS for sure!! I was so surprized and happy to see you 5...
Absolutely love Jesper....and your right he's insanely wonderful!! What a guy! Enjoyed ever second of my time with you and your family....missed the bean mustaches though!
Aren't we a lucky group!!

Barb said...

Your family ROCKS! It was wonderful to look up and find you there at OFFF. I'm excited to see your projects underway, you always have such great ideas.

Angela said...

It was a pleasure to see all of you there. I succumbed to that tank top as well so once my yarn arrives (Tina is going to give Bleeding Hearts a try on the Bambu for me) want to knit along?