Wednesday, September 13, 2006

We have green

You may recall how excited we all were to have 6 yellow beans in our harvest. Today, we finally harvested some green beans.

They immediately turned into mustaches.
Now why you would put a bean on your upper lip is beyond me.

I must not have the creative gene. Which is why I follow patterns, even for something as simple as a scarf. So many of you asked about the pattern from yesterday's photo. It's the My So Called Scarf pattern. Mel, I tried to make a bigger photo, but the yarn is so reflective with the camera flash that the pattern just did not show. I think the stitch pattern shows well on the scarf in the link. The yarn I am using is a worsted weight wool/mohair blend. The pattern calls for Manos, which IMO is thicker than worsted, so I should have known to cast on more stitches. I think the concensus is to make a wider scarf. I'm gonna ask the recipient and see if she wants long and narrow, or long and wide.

Another scarf pattern I am considering is diagonal lace scarf from Midnight Purls. I think it will look good in a variegated yarn. What do you think?

Anonymous (Mom, is that you?) asked if those were Sheila's needles. All I can say, in my best Minnesotan, is "you betcha!"


Anonymous said...

I figured you would know your mother anywhere! Would you believe that I don't think I have enough to say to have a blog of my own (unless it is bragging about my Grands!) so I will take the easy road and remain 'anonymous'!

Lisak said...

Those are some gorgeous blue eyes!!! The beans look good too. Ours are already freezing. We are going to have to rescue the tomatoes very soon too, green or not.