Saturday, May 24, 2008

Knitting Pictures

The sun is out so I did a photo shoot of the dog with my sock in progress. His winker was in all of the pictures. Don't you hate those male dogs? (not really, he can't help it, that's what I get for telling him to SIT!) This is the only one I could crop for this family friendly blog.

I have also cast on for a new project - the Victorian Shoulderette by Sivia Harding. I have knit this shawl before in handspun, this time I am using Brooks Farm Four Play, a wonderful silk/merino blend which is one of my all time favorite yarns.

I also took the opportunity to snap a shoot of DD in her new cardigan. DD is always up for a good photo shoot, and this time the theme was "where's my button?"

No pressure :-)


Melanie said...

What a cute sweater, and it matches DD's dress so well that I'd be all "where's the button" too. What a cutie.

I love the picture of the Shoulderette in progress.

Sheila E said...

Alright already ;)
"All good things come to she who waits!!"
What a BEAUTY....and the sweater ain't half bad either! well the the socks too!

Anonymous said...

O.k., I love your sock model. :-) Maggie looks just lovely in her new cardi - can't believe you finished that already! And I know the perfect button is on the way! Sam

jackie_knits said...

Thanks for the update - DG is thankful to see photos of her DGD - I'd recognize that precious pouty face anywhere. Kiss it all over from me please. The sweater is gorgeous - great job! - and goes well with DGD fav dress! I'm positive the perfect button is on the fast track to you.

BTW - whose sock yarn is that?