Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Scarf Soup

Warning - this post is not for the faint of heart!

Also, if you are my SIL, you are not allowed to read this. Close the browser window now. Navigate away. Now. I. MEAN. IT.

OK, here goes (checking to see if SIL is still reading...)
Coast is clear.

Last weekend, I had two knitted holiday gifts to wash and block. One is red. I can hear the collective groans, because you know the story that's coming.

This is the red Clapotis in its initial bath.

If pea's were pink, this would be pink pea soup.

I washed and rinsed this at least 10 times in a water/vingegar solution. Finally - the water was running clear. So I gave it one more bath in Eucalan to freshen the scent, and -poof!- red dye everywhere again.

I posted a plea for help to my buddies at FiberTraditions, and the very talented LisaS gave me some suggestions.

Last night, with Sam holding my virtual hand, and chocolate reinforcements at my side, I prepared a steaming pot of water and vinegar, then gently placed Clapotis in the broth:

There was very little pink runoff. I simmered for 50 minutes, then my kids were really tearing the house apart so I had to turn the flame off. I covered and let sit overnight. The water was clear this morning. I rinsed and spun it in my front loader, then laid it out on white towels to dry during the day. Dear SIL's Christmas present is salvaged! Yippee! Hooray!


Melanie said...

I love a good news story! Don't forget to take a picture of it before you give it away.

Samsara said...

Oh, yay! I'm so glad it worked out, Jen - lucky recipient!

marti said...

what a save! good job.

Anonymous said...

Jen! I love the scarf!!!!! It is perfect and beautiful and means so much to me. Thank you. Wow what a save you did with this, (I am glad I am now allowed back on the blog);-)

We have already forgot the correct pronounciation of the scarf, so it was suggested we just call it "the clap". LOL! *Sigh* what a frightening thought, that I might be the "normal" one in this family! ;-) NOT!

Merry Christmas!