Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Preparing for the new year

Many knitbloggers have written about how they prepare for the new year by:

1) taking inventory of all WIPs
2) either finishing them, or
3) RIPing them out.

I have so many UFOs laying around that I cannot even see the top of my nightstand. I'm going to try to list them all, and take a hard look at why the project moved from WIP to UFO status, and what to do about it. So, here goes...

1) Angela's regia socks - WIP
2) Manos cable sweater - UFO-I didn't follow the 'knit from 2 balls' mantra with this handpainted yarn, and unfortunately, it shows. I need to RIP the back and reknit.
3) The Decade Aran - UFO, but it has been given a certain name for a reason. Winter 2006 will be it's decade, so I better finish it this coming year. I think there is only 1 sleeve left to do.
4) Koigu t-shirt - UFO - can't decide whether to make this a long sleeve or short sleeve. Of course, the pattern is called "t-shirt". Maybe I should just finish this durn thing.
5) Gansey from Handknit Holidays - WIP (for youngest son who did not get a handknit for Christmas)
6) ChildHood - UFO - it's too small for my DD by now. Maybe I will just RIP this down to the armholes and add some length to it. But for now, I think I am all cotton-ed out.
7) Stained Glass Scarf from HandKnit Holidays - UFO - this has already been RIPed 3 times and is currently just a cast on. I should RIP this and redo if it ever gets cold again.

Oh my, I think I will stop there. That covers the night stand area. Next post, the dresser. Eeekkk!

Edited later to add:
And then there are the projects by the nightstand that I forgot about:

1) Short Row Rib - UFO - finish this thing! It is beautiful!
2) I'm sure I will find somwthing else lurking under the pile...


vanessa said...

you are making me feel better!

Donni said...

They were the 2 patterns I liked from handknit holidays too....shall they become my new WIP's? Who knows.....

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

i don't even want to look in mine;-)

CarolineF said...

Nope I don't have fiber-related knitting resolutions. The only resolution I have is a repeat: to lose my temper less. Because We are 4 1/2, that one will be even harder this year than last year...

Angela said...

You are braver than I am. I'd say RIP stained glass and wait until summer when you want something little to work on. Also - make it a long-sleeved t-shirt - you can wear it under a fleece vest and be ready to go in the PNWet :) (Unless you never wear long sleeved shirts...)