Friday, March 03, 2006

Definitely not enough

I completed the back of the Square sweater and sewed the shoulder seams together yesterday. Matress stitch on garter is a piece of cake, but the stockinette sections left a bit to be desired! I have 18g of the light green left. This is definitely not enough to knit two striped sleeves. I will be ordering on-line as soon as I am done writing this post. I have 45g of the dark color remaining, and considering this is a long discontinued color of Rowan wool cotton that I purchased in London, I am pretty sure it will be impossible to find any more. (Holly, a deep blueish-green just in case you have some in stash) I plan to wind this into two equal weight balls. The sleeves are knit top down, so worse comes to worse, the sleeves will be a) short or b) different colors.

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