Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sockapaloooza Update

The Sockapaloooza sock number one is done!
It's the Friday Harbor sock from KOR. Once I got past the horrible directions (they never actually tell you when to start using chart two), checked the errata, and then decided to wing it based on the photo, everything came together. I tried on the sock and could not get it all the way up my generous calf muscle (ahem), but my sockpal has skinny legs and tiny feet, so I think these should fit her just fine.

On another note, DH came home from Iceland last night and brought DD a really cute t-shirt. Check out this decal:

I wish it came in my size ;->

Back to sock knitting!


Anonymous said...

The sock is beautiful! Maybe I'm your sockapaloooza pal.... wouldn't that be funny!

CarolineF said...

Because those socks have that feather and fan at the top, they do tend to be not very elastic, but they are pretty. Janine is going to make them too, we should warn her!

Kerry said...

I want that t-shirt!

I want that sock!

Melanie said...

Friday Harbour looks great in red. Thanks for the warning about the pattern. I love the T-shirt.

marti said...

I love your sock pal sock, it is such a nice cheery color! the t shirt is great too

vanessa said...

great sock, and what an ADORABLE teeshirt! i want one too :-)