Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pinewood Derby

No new knitting, as I have been busy of late with my first full-time job: MOM.

My 3yo, who has just learned how to write his name, was so excited to see that he could also write mine. He knows how to make M's, and when I told him the next letter was O, he was stuck. When I said that an O is just like a circle, he got it, and MOM it was. Time to change my name.

Anyway, I've been thinking about what MOM really stands for.

Last night, it was Manager of Motion. Me and my favorite sisters, Myself and I, took the young 'uns to a local junior high for the Cub Scout pack's annual pinewood derby. This was our first year participating, and it was really such a fun event. All 3 of the kids made their own cars, with just a little bit of help from their Pappa.

Here's the cars made by the 3yo (red and yellow racer) and 4yo (a pink truck!):

click photo to embiggen

And here is the car made by my 7yo. It may be hard to see (in the bottom right corner), as it is camouflaged:

click photo to embiggen

Drivers, start your engines:

The derby was extremely well organized, and it was obvious that the pack leaders had put a lot of effort into making this a fun and enjoyable event for all ages. You can tell by the look on this guy's face that he had a great time:

His award, Most Colorful!


vanessa said...

now that's a happy face!

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Congrats to the most colorful car;-)

margene said...

Manager of motion. Perfect!

Kerry said...

Best color is the best award - we all know how important color is!!
Way to go, Teddy!

LisaK said...

Awesome! Can you give me the basics on how you did the camo? I'd be the best mom in the whole troop if I knew that secret.

How's your lace blob coming?