Friday, April 21, 2006


My DD is helping me block the shawl by pushing the pins all the way into the matress. Well, hey, it's not my bed.

I think I will go straighten up some of the diamond shapes now that I see what it looks like in the photo.
edited to add: blocked measurements are 56" wide by 26.5" long.

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Dear Jen:

The shawl is lovely. I especially like the tiny blond munchkin that is helping put pins in. Adorable. (I'm a Grandmother so I know what angels look like).
Congratulations on both achievements.

Liz said...

Your Diamond Fantasy is very very beautiful.

Vicki said...


Barb said...

Beautiful work Jen! I love how the DFS turned out. You have inspired me to put the wheel down and get mine finished :-)

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June said...

Great Job, Jen! Love the color you've chosen!