Wednesday, April 19, 2006


From a wonderful Spring Break vacation that included the 3 kids, 2 grandparents, and a mouse with really big ears. It has taken me a few days to do the laundry get back on PDT and pick up the knitting needles.

Number of projects I took on vacation: 3
Number of projects I worked on: 1

I knit exactly half a sock while on vacation. Each and every night I was too exhausted from the endless walking and picking up of kids so they could see over the crowd to do any knitting. I was so grateful for my wonderfel parents who met us in Florida and let the kids play swordfight in their room every night. I needed a little peace.

We arrived back in Seaatle Saturday afternoon to:
1) rain (no surprise there), and
2) mail delivery! (Smart woman to have the mail delivered on Saturday instead of Monday).

My final package from SP7 which had been stalled at the border arrived! I was gobsmacked when I opened the package to see this beautiful blue Fleece Artist sock yarn jump out at me:

Aren't those blues yummy? My SP Christine knows I love all things sheepy. This little box will make a great place to keep the SIP (sock in progress). And look at that little sheepy magnet - how cute is that? I am letting the kids share in the sweets since I broke a tooth while on vacation chomping on a piece of candy and it hurts to bite I am such a wonderful, giving mother. There were also 2 skeins of solid black sock yarn in the tin as well as a skein of Noro. I have been planning to stash up on solid colored sock yarn since there are so many awesome free patterns for socks on the web. This was a really wonderful treat and Schmoodle, I thank you again!

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Christine said...

Oh yay!! I'm glad it finally arrived!