Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Do over

Whenever things don't go exactly as planned, my kids opt for a "do over". I don't recall having this option when I was a kid. Anyway, on to the knitting. DS tried the almost finished sock on this morning, and though it was a little snug and took A LOT of tugging and stretching to get on, he loved it. Gotta love a knit enthusiast.

It took quite some convincing on my part for him to agree that I could rip it our and reknit. Once I came up with the "do over" routine, he agreed. In fact, he helped.

I'll post an after picture once the sock is reknit.


Emma said...

The socks look great--I can see why he was reluctant to let them go. But the photo is adorable!

CarolineF said...

What a funny picture - he has this demented look as he tears apart the sock!

Joanne said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. I just read a few entries--I got behind. You went to Pike Place market, one of my favorite places, and you have little feet to make socks for, too! Your son looks so happy about his sock that I just want to scoop him up. Even the dog looks happy about this new yarn. I've got to visit here more often!! :)

vanessa said...

what a prescious little face :-)