Thursday, April 06, 2006

Moving on...

I received a package yesterday:

That's the remaining yarn I need to finish up the square sweater. The kids are still fighting over who owns the sweater. I think we should wait until the thing is done and then see who it fits!

As for actual knitting content, the Sockapalooza socks are done!

My son really is happy to be holding the socks, he must have been squinting in the bright sun (not that I am complaining).

And just a bit of silliness for the day, Happy Spring!


renee said...

Your little guy is ADORABLE in that picture! Well, I'm sure he's always adorable, but that's a particularly good picture!

vanessa said...

nice sockies and kidling :-) hey, my bestest friend terri is also on the sam the ram along!

alison said...

Great socks! What a cutie you've got there too. It was nice of him to help out for the picture. :)