Friday, August 11, 2006

Spinning adventures

Barb was kind enough to lend me use of her Schacht Matchless Single Treadle spinning wheel for a few days this week so I could see if it wanted to have a new home with me. The Schacht styling is very unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Look at the way the frame arches around the wheel - just beautiful!

I spun up a bit of corriedale pencil roving from CMF that I had picked up at Madrona this winter.

The color is called Pueblo.
I only had loan of the wheel for a few days, so I spun 1 oz of fiber on each of two bobbins, and then plyed them together. Bagel was not in the mood for a photo shoot,
so I tried with the newest additions to the family They seemed much more interested.
And one final view:
The skein is corkscrewing on itself, so I think that I was a bit zealous when I plyed. I'll see if it relaxes some in a warm water bath (who wouldn't!) It doesn't really matter, as this was an experiment in trying out a new wheel. I have a lot more of the roving to make a kid a sweater (maybe The Ungrateful will like it?)


Barb said...

I love the fish shot! Bagel doesn't seem to be working it, like he normally does. Must not be his color? :-) I'm glad you enjoyed playing with the wheel. It's always interesting to try out new wheels. Sort of like shopping for a car, you need to drive them awhile and test them out!

Melanie said...

I've always loved the look of the Schacht Matchless. Love the new yarn model!

Kerry said...

They're beautiful wheels. And what was the verdict? Are you adopting the foster wheel?

Opal said...

The Schacht is a great wheel. I have had mine for about 10 years now.
The Corriedale really came out well!

Angela said...

Ohhh - so...?