Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Thank you, Secret Pal!

I received a really cool surprise package in the mail today from my Secret Pal:

Inside were two great books, the Harlot's newest edition and another on dyeing yarns which looks really interesting! Also in the package was a really yummy chocolate bar and some geodes for the kids. Now I have seen geodes in museums and such, but I did not know that you could buy what looks like rocks and smash them to pieces and get such beautiful wonders in your own yard! The kids sure enjoyed them! (please excuse the princess, she was not in picture taking mood)

One of the rocks revealed a clear crystal, the next a black one, and the third white. They are all so beautiful and unique. A great reminder of the natural beauty that is Earth.

A big heartfelt thank you goes out to my Secret Pal 8 for arranging this package. I know that life has been challenging of late, and I appreciate you remembering me!

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