Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sock Shelter

OK, not really shelter for socks, but you know, pictures about socks and shelter.

Here's a photo of how I spent the gray, rainy winter of 2008:

The blue socks (Fleece Artist Merino) and blue and gold socks (Blue Moon STR lightweight) are for DS1 who has feet as long as mine.
The orange ones (Blue Moon STR lightweight color Cockarel) are for DS#2 who still has much smaller feet, thank goodness! This winter he was called "the good son" bccause of that.
The brown socks are my Monkey socks knit from Shibui yarn in the Bark colorway purchased at vyt. That Cookie A sure knows how to design a fun sock pattern!

Yesterday Teddy had a cub scout camp out, and they learned how to build shelters. This is Teddy's version that he built in our backyard.

The green stuff will help keep the water out, you know.

Bagel's checking it out for dog bone hiding potential.


Melanie said...

What a nice batch of socks. I really like the bark colour. It was a great day for building shelters. Boy and doggie - what a pair of cuties!

Sheila E said...

A definite Gaggle of Socks from the PNW! You had a Very productive winter. Lucky family! Lucky You!
The shelter is quite something....Teddy did a great job (he's so handsome)...& Bagel looks like he could be right at home in there too.
How's that sweater for DD coming along? Can't wait to see it again...need buttons yet?

Romi said...

Wow! Those are some nice socks. :) Cool shelter, too!