Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A great weekend in OR

OFFF was small, friendly, and full of cute creatures like this one:

Unfortunately, that was the only photo I was allowed to take. The kids took the camera, which explains why I am left with photos such as this:


I didn't see much that I hadn't seen at other fiber festivals, so I decided to buy a little bit of this and a little bit of that, so I could try my hand at spinning different things. I bought small amounts of shetland, CMV, rambouillet, mohair locks, angora blends, and a few others. I did get to visit with Sheila and Michael for a wee bit, of glasspens fame. They are now making glass top bamboo needles, of which a pair just had to come home with me:

I also bought a hair stick to use as a shawl holder, but it seems to be MIA. I'll be tearing the car apart tonight looking for it.
On the way home, we drove up to Mt. St. Helens for a little bit of nice scenery and further education for the kids. They all loved it.


Angela said...

Gorgeous pictures Jen!

kimber said...

THAT was a very funny blog entry! Amazing what kids are fascinated by, isn't it?

I am so glad you enjoyed OFFF. It's my favorite fiber fest.

Sheila Ernst said...

Hi again,

I am so glad to know that you liked your bamboo needles...with the glass tops!! Did you find the shawl stick/pin yet? Let me know.

It was SO lovely to see you guys at OFF. I just wish that there was more time and less miles to see more of each other. I guess I will have to wait until the Seattle show.

Love to you and the kids and the Bees.
Take good care,
Sheila Ernst