Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Nope, it's not a koala

Nope, not me!

Just as a point of information - this photo is of a koala in the wild. Do you know how hard it is to spot a wild animal, about 12" tall, sitting up in a tree about 30 feet, camouflaging in the eucalyptus leaves?

It's hard.

Very hard.

Kudos to my husband for
1) spotting the wild creature
2) shouting out so the driver would stop
3) taking awesome photos without a telephoto lens
4) and publishing a really cool book (did you notice it in the sidebar?)

In fact, the owner of the foot is a rather agressive one of these:

The only reason I say agressive, is that he/she? stepped on my foot and nearly knocked me over trying to get the bag of food out of my hand! Who can blame it? If the kangaroo was holding a bag of popcorn, I might have done the same thing.

Check out this sweet Mama with her Joey:

Here's a closeup where you can see the joey getting in on the action, eating some food off the ground.

I had the opportunity to feed a kangaroo:

They really are quite tame (in the wildlife sanctuary)!

And to see some in the wild:

Some Australians allow their property to go wild for wildlife. Evidently wild land is becoming scarce in areas and the kangaroos are being displaced. How cool would it be to have kangaros hopping through your yard?

Coming soon...birds of Australia...a fiber addicts' personal experience


Angela said...

Congratulations to Jesper! I thought Emu but it wasn't scaly enough.

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Wow! that looked like soo much fun!

CarolineF said...

Ooh I love kangaroo ears! Who knew??

Melanie said...

Congratulations all around! To you on your Gem, and on the little fellow for being 3, and to the DH for his book.