Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Meet Mr Gem and Miss Gemma

I realize that there has not been a lot of fiber related content recently. I thought I should fix that problem!

Introducing, Mr and Miss Gemma!

That's a Little Gem, picked up in New Zealand and schlepped hand carried back to the States. Oh, and the cutie patootie holding the fiber? That's my baby, who just turned 3. Happy Birthday, Baby! He's a big boy in pre-school now and even sleeps in a big boy bed to prove it! Wow - too much information?

The fiber is also from New Zealand, 100% NZ merino. No, there is no noticeable difference between NZ merino and say, US merino, except for the fact that I schlepped hand carried it back into the US. Yes, I did declare it in customs, and gave the customs agent quite a chuckle since fiber is not what they were looking for under "animal by-products". Who knew?

And this is my current WIP. It's Manos del Uruguay, in a no where near solid nearly-solid simple aran pattern with bits of seed stitch in between. Another adorable and recently upgraded birthday kid models. I am so glad birthday season is over!


Kerry said...

Very sweet - all of it!
I was all set to say you had a kangaroo stepping on your foot, but you beat me to it.

Love the Gemma! That riku wood is soooo beautiful!

Lisa S said...

Good schlepping, kiddo. Did the Poad's tell you how the Rimu comes from a furniture factory's odd bits? I love that...native hardwood that is utilized to the enth degree. Does she spin like a dream for you? I'll bet.