Tuesday, September 27, 2005

OFFF Booty

Lisa asked about what was found at OFFF. Here's the booty:

Starting with the black fiber coming out of the bag, and moving counter-clockwise:
two balls Rambouillet fiber from Silver Mist Hollow in Silverton, OR
purple mohair locks from Green Peak Farm in Monroe, OR
black ball of shetland roving from Elemental Affects
purple/black/green ball of corriedale roving from Dicentra Designs
2 balls white combed top CVM and notecards from Silver Mist Hollow
glass top knitting needles and shawl pin (yes, I found it!) from Sheila
merino/silk blend turquoise and gold roving from Dicentra Designs
not to mention the cute tote bag, sheep pin, pads of paper with sheep on them, and great smelling soaps!
It was a really quaint fair. Many of the vendors were also seen at Black Sheep, but I felt that this fair had more of a focus on alpaca and pygora goats. I would definitely go back to this fair, the drive was much more manageable than to Eugene!


Anonymous said...

nice haul!

Angela said...

Oooohhhhh - that stuff looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

What did you get me??