Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Knitters envy

Weebugknits mentioned yesterday that she cast on for the koigu turtleneck from VK Fall 02. What? Huh? A koigu pattern that I don't recall? Google wasn't much of a help, so I patiently waited for the clock to tick past 5pm, then raced home to pull out that backissue of Vogue. Ahhhh. A sigh of relief. A classic turtle crafted from blending 5 shades of kpppm. Interestingly, the photo didn't indicate much shading. I wonder if the model sweater used only one color? The turtle looked close enough to my top-down raglan v-neck, so I decided not to turn pea green with envy. Instead, I will live vicariously through Marti as she knits her own version of this lovely, colorful, turtle.

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