Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sock Fever

Have you seen Lolly's Socktoberfest yet? There's a lot of great inspiration going on over there. I personally have not joined, as there is no way I could knit a pair of socks between now and the end of October. Or is there? Suddenly, I recall a special gift recently received from Angela.

Hey Ang, they fit! Angela was knitting these great socks when she realized they were too big to fit any normal sized human. So, she asked, rather politely, if there were any abnormal sized humans out there :-) (I'm making this up - Angela is WAY too polite to do this). Luck was with me, for I, bearer of extremely wide feet, became the recipient of these beautiful Regia socks. And look - they are half way done!

Maggie says they look pretty good to her, too.

So I suppose it is feasible for me to finish a pair of socks by the end of the month. But, is the motivation there?

When I have this calling me:

And I know it will magically become this:

And really, what I should be working on, is this, for SuperNanny.


e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Okay, what is that stuff in the basket!?!

jenknits said...

Ahhh, that would be Lisa's BFL, in the Joseph's Coat colorway. It is scrupmtuous!!! Even my kids like to touch it, it is so soft!

Angela said...

Hee hee, I've got Joseph's Coat in Merino on my wheel and a Short Row Rib. Let's go!