Monday, October 24, 2005

WW Spin-in

I went to the Weaving Works spin-in Friday night with Sam. Amazing how much spinning one can do when locked in, without interruption from people < 3 feet tall. Terri and Jessica were already there and spinning away, when we arrived.

I love love love the color of Jessica's wheel. Such a beautiful, soft brown. Terri was spinning away on some Blue Moon roving I had picked up for her at M$W. It is called Seal Rock, and the colorway is still one of my favorite. I love the acid green mixed with blues and purples. I forgot to take a picture, but maybe Terri will post one?

Sam, although blogless, is most easily identified by her gorgeous, looonnnnggg, hair. She was sporting some beautiful works of art from Sheila Ernst.

I got to meet Katie from the FiberTraditions mailing list, and she got to treadle on my little Gem. I thank everyone there for not noticing how long it took me to get my wheel set up. Let's skip over the fact that I put the bobbin on backwards. This was only the second time I had set up my portable wheel, so there are many things I am still getting used to!

After the meet-up, we chatted outside for a while. Terri was finally brave enough to share with us her MongoLEEan camel sock. Where did she get the yarn? The local zoo. How come they are never selling yarn when I am there???!!!!!


e's knitting and spinning blog said...

looks like fun-
i'm jealous!!!

CarolineF said...

Sam posts at Pink Tea SOMETIMES.... when we BADGER her enough... Sam are you listening??

marti said...

Hopefully i will be able to come to the next spin in. i will have to consult with my social schedulers, aka the bratlings.