Thursday, January 05, 2006


Remember my nightstand knitting list from December? Well, I can cross one off. The Regia socks from Angela are done, done, done! Finito! Photos to come, sooner or later.

I also picked up #4, the koigu t-shirt, and decided that it really needed long sleeves. This will be my new mindless knitting project. I will not cast on for another pair of socks until this is complete. I will be strong. Someone please help me be strong.

And remember the list of forgotten nightstand projects? I know what #2 is. It's a sweater I am knitting for DS#2 out of Rowan wool/cotton and the "square" pattern from Shadow Knitting. Now why didn't I remember this before casting on for his gansey? Why?

The good news is, that's it. I cleaned my room, and the nightstand list is complete. 7 projects, plus two that I forgot, makes 9 altogether. And on the dresser is a single project, an Opal sock, cast on so I could learn the Magic Loop. That's an even 10 WIPs. Now, I know myself too well to say that I will not cast on for any new projects until all 10 of these are complete, but I am definitely going to challenge myself to complete some of these projects this year. How is that for being noncommital?

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Angela said...

I'll join you in your challenge!