Saturday, January 07, 2006

St. Distaff's Day

The NWRSA (I believe it stands for Northwest Regional Spinners Assoc.) hosted a spin-in to celebrate St. Distaff's Day. This time last year, I was not a spinner.

I arrived early this morning to see that fellow FT and friend Barb had saved some seats, and we sat down to spin. At first, I thought it was a little odd that a high-school gymnasium was set up with a large oval of chairs. But spinners know how to make themselves comfortable, and it didn't take long before that entire oval was filled with more spinners than is possible to imagine. I wish I had taken a picture of the scene. Barb, if you have one, would you e-mail it to me?

This is what our little area looked like:

That's Barb and Tina there, and they sure were busy pimping promoting LisaS's great stuff. Barb in front is spinning the Emerald City BFL, and Tina was working on her Earth Birth merino. I forgot to bring my sunglasses. That stuff is so bright, and beautiful! Barb had also brought her Earth Birth (BFL, I think). It is interesting to see how the dye takes differently to the fibers. Another photo opp missed.

You can see up close in the front of the photo the "powerball" roving I was spinning from the silkworker. I did finish plying this project and it is currently hanging to dry. Photos will come, I promise.

Tomorrow should be another exciting day as Sam is hosting a knit-in because Liz is in town. I can't wait!

I'll leave you with one more picture - there is, occassionally, peace in the household:


Kerry said...

Looks like fun!! I'll be there in spirit tomorrow, wish it could be for real!

marti said...

wish i could have been there, but we were way too busy this weekend. i love your puppy dogs!

CarolineF said...

Hope you took a bunch of pictures, as Sam is a notorious photo-op-avoider... heehee. I bet it was a fun time.

vanessa said...

what fun! love your puppies :-)

renee said...

Such a cute doggie picture!