Friday, January 27, 2006


No photos today as my camera is snowboarding. I hope it comes back with some great stories to tell!

I got the cutest knit card from my SP yesterday. Thanks SP! The card has knit socks on the front. Go check out this site if you need to add to your stash in a non-fibery way. (you know I am mailing my order today)

I'm still, still glovin' it! I wonder if Nona will give me credit for completing the peaceful palms KAL for my palmless gloves? I mean really, everyone else is making fingerless mitts, why not give me credit for completing the 10 fingers?!!

In all honesty, I am down to the cuff on the first glove. With any luck and lots of tv for the kids knitting time, I will be able to complete these for the 31st! I'm not really pressuring myself to do this, but I am challenging myself to focus on one project and bring it to completion.

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