Monday, May 22, 2006


Thanks for all the kind words about Cece and her non-cooperation. You all are right in that life is too short to work with bad yarn. Well, ok, not BAD yarn, but the wrong yarn for the project. Not being one who lets go easily, I cast on a new Cece with some Rowan Calmer in a lovely, summery, coral color. I immediately felt the Zen of the project wash over me. The color is beautiful (you will have to trust me on this as I forgot to take photos!), the yarn does not split and the project is definitely a go-go. Feeling pretty secure in my new match made in heaven, I will frog the green Cece tonight and return the yarn to the stash.

I signed up for the P - Poma - Pomatomus KAL some time last week. It appears I did it just in time because sign ups are now closed. I have not yet decided which yarn to knit these socks out of, but perhaps tonight will be the night for ripping and swatching. There's a new button over in the sidebar.

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