Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm addicted...

... to the Pomatomus socks. And it is a good thing that they are made out of fish scales, because it started to rain when I took this picture.

I am using *gasp* the yarn called for in the pattern which I *double gasp* had in stash! That is soft touch ultra from Shelridge Farms in a handpainted colorway that I picked up at M$W cough a couple of years ago.

And here is a cute little e-card thing I found while surfing the knitblogs.

clickety click to embiggen

Notice how well the beagle is sitting and NOT pulling on his leash and NOT barking? That is so NOT my dog.

You can design and dress up your own gal, buy printed stationery and even send free e-cards. How cute is that? The site is Design Her Gals. Go check it out!


Christine said...

ohhhhhhhh.... I love the color of the Pomatomus! Beautiful!

Kerry said...

Like the t-shirt on the you-babe!