Monday, May 15, 2006

Extreme Knitting

Or "Socks On A Rocky Boat"

The "Sixth Sense Socks" designed by Susan for the 6SoxKAL are done! They went on a photo shoot this weekend.

Socks On A Boat
The chop was pretty high on the Puget Sound Saturday. You can tell by how slanted the island is in the background.

Socks In Hiding
And it wouldn't be a photo shoot without the silly prop.

Thanks To The Crew or Why The Heck Aren't You Helping?
A photo shoot with incredible scenery just can't happen without an awesome support staff. We famous photo knitting stars must remember to thank the small fry, the ones who are keeping the other kids occupied so 1 out of 23 photos can be blog worthy. The ones who drive us to all of these insane places, the ones who are catching dinner. Oh, did you say dinner? Yes, yes, lots of LOVE and RESPECT to the dinner catcher.

What's For Dinner?
For those readers still with us and wondering what's in those cages? Those would be Spot Shrimp.

Spot What?
And a close-up, for the uneducated.

Is Your Mouth Watering Yet?
Dinner!!!!! (aside - RJ and Leah, Congrats on joining the Blue Pearl family!)

Just How Big Are Those Things?
Come here, little fella!

And for Grandma,
Why Didn't You Cut Their Heads Off Yet?


Kerry said...

Those just creep me out.

Angela said...

Aaaahhhh - those look SOOOO good.

Sorry Kerry.

CarolineF said...

All shrimp creep me out. I only like to see shrimp after they don't look like gigantic insects anymore. Then, however, I like to see LOTS of them...

Patricia said...

Yum, yum, we go shrimping at night here in the south.
Nice to see another boating knitter.