Tuesday, May 09, 2006

M$W recap

DD and I headed out to Maryland last Thursday in preparation for the biggest event of the year, otherwise known as the FiberTraditions reunion.

The show didn't open until 9, but we couldn't wait any longer, and made it to the fairgrounds bright and early.

We decided to scope out our favorite booths, and it turns out that some entreprenurial vendors were already open for business. I'll have to share photos of the stash aquisitions in another post, as photos have not yet been taken (or suitcases unpacked) Hey - I was busy yesterday!

I was just saying to my Mother that this is the first year I felt like I was walking around with my head up, looking for friendly faces, instead of head down, burrowing into the yarn. I heard a friendly voice say, "Jennifer...Jennifer Johansson...". What was that about looking up for friendly faces? Never mind. Kim had found us, along with her shopping buddy, Melanie.

Truely the best part of this years' event was seeing some old friends and making new. The FT gathering was larger than last year, here is a sneak preview (before the whole gang had arrived).

From left to right, that's me, Laura, Elizabeth, Kim, Mel, and Kerry.

A trip back home to Maryland wouldn't be complete without a visit from The Best Friend. This year, although I didn't bring any kids to the festival to watch, dear Steph (non-knitting Steph, we need to do something about that!) still came out to see the sheepdog trials. Notice the lavendar t-shirt? She's a veteran, for sure! Steph brought her wonderful sister Kelli who has the most adorable baby girl (next to mine, of course.)

Like I said, it was great to visit with old friends and new. The jet lag is slowly wearing off and the room is not spinning as much. I hope to be recovered (and unpacked) by Friday.

I finished DS's blue socks while on the trip, but will save those for another post!


Joanne said...

It was great to meet you in the flesh!

Nancy said...

Looks like a fun time. Maybe I'll go one year!