Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Answers to your questions and BFO

Lorinda asked the question, what is your BFO (Best Finished Object)? My BFO, and biggest accomplishment, is the finishing of the Decade Aran last winter. This aran cardigan was knit in a silk-blend yarn (think harsh on the hands), was my first cabling project, was knit from the top-down with saddle shoulders, and took me almost 10 years to complete! Looking back at the photos, I can't believe the crappy quality that I was posting at the time. I'll have to get DH to take some new photos for me. I'm planning to wear the sweater soon, as it is rainy and cool here in the PNWet. Fall is here.

Vanessa asked how the orchid is. Or isn't. I can take a new photo, but really, why bother? Two of the leaves have turned black, and the flowers, although still attached, look like if I touched the plant, that they would fall off. The last time it was watered - probably Oct 4th.

And because I know you all care (grin), the second Halloween sock is progressing. I started the heel flap last night. I am quickly losing steam, though, and it's all Sam's and Barb's fault. Notice Barb's Oct 14th post about Pine Farms spin in? Think sheep, wool, combs, and the intoxicating smell of lanolin. That's just a teaser, pics will come eventually. Suffice it to say that my hands are a lot softer this Fall. HA!

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lorinda said...

It's gorgeous!